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Account means an account registered through this Site.

Bentleys means Bentleys Wealth Advisors Pty Ltd (ABN 611 642 007) of 10/10 Spring Street Sydney NSW 2000.

Content means data, information, e-Newsletters, software, text, blogs, images, movies, animations, links or other references to other websites, persons or information or any other digital media whether currently existing or not that may be displayed, delivered through or otherwise embodied in WCG.

Digital Product means a product which is delivered electronically to the purchaser via the Internet.

Direct Communication means email, SMS, instant message or any other direct electronic communication.

Intellectual Property means all present and future rights to trade marks, domain names, logos, patents, inventions, copyrights and all similar rights in any part of the world whether registered or unregistered, which directly or indirectly relate to any information, media or process utilised by or embodied in Bentleys.

Intellectual Property Rights means all statutory and other proprietary rights in respect of all intellectual or industrial property including all trademarks, patents, copyright, confidential information and all other intellectual property as defined by Article 2 of the Convention Establishing the World Intellectual Property Organisation of July 1967 and the right to register them.

Member means a User that has registered an Account with Us to access the Service.

Physical Products means any product which is not a Digital Product.

Products mean Physical Products and Digital Products.

Services mean the services offered by Us through this Site to Members.

Site means all web pages located at including all sub-domains and related sites.

Terms means these website terms and conditions between you and us.

Us, We and Our mean Bentleys Wealth Advisors Pty Ltd (ABN 611 642 007) of 10/10 Spring Street Sydney NSW 2000.

User means a user who has complied with these Terms and accesses the Site but does not have an Account.

3.1 Bentleys Wealth Advisors resulted from a joint venture between Bentleys NSW Pty Ltd and PRPIA Pty Ltd, a division of Partners Wealth Group in 2016. PRPIA Pty Ltd, trading as Bentleys Wealth Advisors ABN 61 144 888 433, corporate authorised representative (CAR), Number 396092, is authorised to provide financial services on behalf of Charter Financial Planning Limited.

Charter Financial Planning Limited (Charter FP)
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6.5 Unless otherwise stated in any additional Account registration terms your Account is not transferrable and you may only register one Account.

6.6 When registering an Account you must provide Us with accurate and truthful registration information, including, but not limited to, your name, address, telephone number, and email address to keep your registration information current.

7.1 We derive Content from sources which we believe are accurate and up to date as at the time of publication, however, we do not make any representation or warranty as to the currency, reliability, suitability, accuracy or completeness of any Content provided via the Site.

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7.4 In relation to e-Newsletters, this Content is intended to provide general information only in summary form on pertinent topics, current at the time of first publication.

8.1 We may enable you to upload and analyse data using online Tools.

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1. the processing, analysis and outputs generated by Tools are dependant on the accuracy and suitability of the data you provide and input into the Tool;

2. any Tools provided on the Site utilise processes and calculations which are intended to have a general application and accordingly may not be suitable for your specific requirements; and

3. all Tools, and any output generated by Tools, are intended to provide guidance only and any reliance you place on the outputs and results generated by Tools is entirely at your own risk.

8.3 All data and information you upload to a Tool will be handled in accordance with Our Privacy Policy.

9.1 You may be required to make transaction through the Site for Products and Services.

9.2 All transactions made through the Site will be covered by these Terms and any additional terms or conditions displayed during the finalisation of the transaction.

9.3 All Products and Services offered on the Site are subject to the restrictions and disclaimers contained in these Terms in addition to any other terms and conditions which apply to those Services.

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9.5 You acknowledge and accept that for any Transaction related to Products or Services supplied by third parties:

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3. any description or images on the Site of third party Products and Services are provided by the relevant third party supplier and not Us;

4. to the extent permitted by law and in addition to any other part of these Terms, we accept no liability for any loss or damage directly or indirectly related to any third party Product or Service purchased through the Site, including a third party’s inability to supply a particular Physical Product or Service; and

5. any warranty claims related to third party Products or Services purchased through the Site will lie with the third party supplier of the Product or Service and not Us.

9.6 Subject to clause 9.8, the safe and timely delivery of any Product purchased through the Site is the sole responsibility of the supplier of that Product.

9.7 You acknowledge and accept that, while we make all reasonable commercial efforts to ensure transactions occur in a secure environment, transacting through the Internet has inherent risks and we are not responsible for any unauthorised:

1. interception, modification or diversion of a transaction request;

2. access or copying of details relating to a transaction (including personal or financial information); or

3. failure to deliver a Digital Product, where that failure is not directly caused by Our deliberate actions.

9.8 We reserve the right to modify, suspend or cancel any Transaction for any reason.

All Direct Communications from Us to you will be in accordance with Our Privacy Policy .

11.1 The Site may allow Users to submit or post Comments on different sections of the Site.

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1. false, inaccurate or misleading or deceptive;

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5. defamatory, libellous, threatening or harassing;

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8. create liability for Us or cause Us to lose (in whole or in part) the services of our ISPs or other suppliers.

12.1 Subject to any additional terms specific to an Account, you may close any of your Accounts at any time.

12.2 We reserve the right, without notice to you and at Our complete discretion, to refuse to register your Account or close your Account if We believe you:

1. have breached any part of these Terms;

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15.2 We expressly disclaim (and do not endorse or verify) the accuracy or reliability of content on third-party websites described in clause

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16.3 If you have a question or concern about the appropriateness or application of anything on the Site, you must seek advice from a relevantly qualified professional.

16.4 We make no representation and give no warranty or undertaking (express or implied) as to the currency, accuracy, completeness, effectiveness or reliability of the Site or Content for any particular purpose or specific business or that the Site can be used in relation to any business in substitution for proper specialised independent advice.

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17.1 Where we expressly or are deemed to be providing any accounting or related advice Our liability is limited by a scheme approved under the relevant Professional Standards Legislation.

17.2 To the fullest extent permitted by law:

1. all conditions and warranties concerning the Site (whether as to quality, outcome, fitness, care, skill or otherwise) expressed or implied by statute, common law, equity, trade, custom or usage or otherwise are expressly excluded and in respect of those statutory warranties which can not be excluded for any Products or Services provided by us, our liability to you is limited to the remedies contained in section 64A of the Australian Consumer Law (Cth), which you agree it your only remedy;

2. in no event will we, our officers, employees, agents, contractors, licensors, suppliers, or any other third parties mentioned on the Site be liable for any loss, costs or damages (including, without limitation, economic or consequential loss, lost profits or special damages) resulting from the use of or inability to use the Site, whether arising under statute or in contract, tort or any other legal doctrine, and whether or not we are or ought to have been aware of, or advised of the possibility of such loss, costs or damages;

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4. remedies under these Terms are exclusive and are limited to those expressly provided for in these Terms.

18.1 To the extent that any part of these Terms are invalid, unenforceable, illegal, void or voidable for any reason, then these Terms will be construed and be binding as if the invalid, unenforceable, illegal, void or voidable part had been deleted from them or read down to the extent necessary to overcome the difficulty.

18.2 Our waiver of any breach or a failure to enforce or to insist on the observance of a condition of these Terms will not be a waiver of any other or of any subsequent breach.

18.3 We will not be responsible or liable for failure to perform any obligation under these Terms if such failure is caused by the occurrence of any matter beyond its reasonable control including, without limitation, industrial disputes, internet and communications outages, fire, flood, war, explosion, accident or act of God.

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